Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean

Olympic Gold Medalists, Four-time World and European Champions

Brief Competitive History
1978 Europeans--9th
1978 Worlds--11th
1979 Europeans--6th
1979 Worlds--8th
1980 Europeans--4th
1980 Olympics--5th
1980 Worlds--4th
1981 Europeans--1st
1981 Worlds--1st
1982 Europeanss-1st
1982 Worlds--1st
1983 Europeans--did not compete (injury)
1983 Worlds--1st
1984 Europeans--1st
1984 Olympics--1st
1984 Worlds--1st
1994 Europeans--1st
1994 Olympics--3rd

Other tidbits:
  • Torvill and Dean are no more. Their last performance was on 1997's Canadian Stars on Ice tour. The retirement was announced on November 7, 1998. Click here to read an article on the retirement.

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