"Sweet Rosalynn???"

We all know that Rosalynn Sumners is a great skater, her commentating skills aren't up to snuff, so to speak. Kirsten from FSW created this drinking game "honoring" our good friend Roz.

Take a sip every time:

  • Roz gets into a "battle of the sexes" debate with her male broadcast partner (Two sips if it's during a competition other than "Battle of the Sexes!")
  • Roz uses words like "stud", "sex appeal", etc. to describe Kurt Browning.
  • Roz gushes over Kurt's "terrific feet."
  • Roz mentions her close friendship with Katarina Witt (two sips if she mentions it while someone else besides Katarina is skating!)
  • Roz says that Katarina is the role model all other female skaters look up to.
  • Roz mentions Stars on Ice (2 sips if she mentions SOI whenever a skater not on the SOI tour is skating!)
  • Roz ruthlessly tears apart a member of the "SOI family" after he/she has skated badly.
  • Roz (or her broadcast partner!) mentions how Katarina defeated her by just .1 of a point at the 1984 Olympics.
  • Roz goofs up a fact that she should obviously know (like giving the wrong age for a skater, for instance!)
  • Roz calls a toe loop a toe walley!
  • Roz says a jump was perfectly landed when it obviously wasn't.
  • Roz makes a perfectly obvious and unecessary statement (like saying, "That was a mistake!" whenever a skater falls.)

    And everybody has to chug when...

  • Roz speaks in her normal, non-irritating conversational voice instead of her "perky cheerleader voice" or her "harsh, critical coaching voice." Fortunately, I've yet to see this happen during her commentary!

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