Sandra Bezic is a world-reknowned choreographer, but is also a commentator. Here is a little humor, pertaining to her commentatting style and idiosyncracies. Again, this paroday is courtesy of Kirsten from FSW .

Take a sip every time:

  • Sandra is able to magically appear commentating on the same event for two separate networks (with two different broadcast partners, no less!)
  • Al Trautwig asks Sandra a stupid question.
  • Sandra tries to explain the deep, hidden meaning of a skater's program (2 sips if she does this during a number she *didn't* choreograph herself!)
  • Sandra gives a "left-handed" compliment to Kurt Browning. (eg. "There's no one more talented than Kurt; there's no one more infuriating than Kurt!)
  • Sandra gives a "left-handed" compliment to any other skater. (eg. calling Yuka Sato's program "safe.")
  • Sandra acts miffed whenever her broadcast partner
  • You're able to tell which skaters' programs Sandra choreographed simply by the amount of praise she heaps on them!
  • Sandra critizizes a skater's off-ice behavior (eg. Rudy and Oksana at World Pros this year)
  • Sandra's mouth drops in shock whenever Brian Boitano or Kristi Yamaguchi make a mistake (2 sips if she tries to make lame excuses for their mistakes!)
  • Sandra criticizes a skater's interpretation to a certain piece of music and explains how *she* would interpret it if she were choreographing the program. (eg. K&O's Carmen number.)

    Chug every time:

  • Sandra gushes over a program she *didn't* choreograph herself!
  • Sandra actually answers one of Al Trautwig's dumb questions.
  • Sandra laughs in Al's face for always asking such stupid questions!
  • Sandra actually mentions her conflict of interest on the air!
  • Sandra actually mentions whenever a skater gets chacked during NBC's coverage of World Pros.
  • Sandra gives even the slightest criticism to B&K.
  • Sandra gives even the slightest bit of praise to P&P.
    (Actually, the last two could apply to *any* Canadian skating commentator!)

    Drink everything in sight if:

  • Sandra says anything the least bit negative about Kristi Yamaguchi or Brian Boitano.
  • Sandra criticizes NBC not only for chacking so much of World Pros, but for chacking so much during their broadcast of SOI!

    SOI=Stars On Ice
    Chack (verb, also the name of a skater)= skate slang for intentionally not showing a skater's performance

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