The man needs to expand his skating vocabulary...

All in all, I'd say that Scott Hamilton is a pretty good commentator. But he does over-use some phrases. At the same time, he can be very inspiring.

Over-used phrases:

  • "Just couldn't hold onto that landing!"
  • "...but a clean, one-foot landing."
  • "Nicely done."
  • "Skates are like trains, they can't go sideways!"

    Great quotes as a commentator:

  • (At the end of Nancy Kerrigan's '94 Olympic FS) "Olympic dreams do come true! She's been through so much to deliver this performance. What a great moment for Nancy Kerrigan."
  • (At the end of Paul Wylie's '92 Olympic FS) "Every Olympic performance impacts you for the rest of your life, and this Olympic performance will definitely impact Paul Wylie in the most positive way."
  • (On Philippe Candeloro as an eligible competitior) "He puts the audience first. Those 9 judges are incidental, they didn't pay to get in here."

    Personal quotes:

  • "It ain't much, but everything I've got is pure skating muscle." (1984)
  • "Sometimes a guy just needs to feel pretty."
  • "Laugh a little every day."
  • (After successfully beating cancer) "I won."

    If you have any more memorable Scotty quotes to contribute, please drop me an e-mail.


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