Here are some humorous and touching quotes from skaters, coaches, and commentators:

Christopher Bowman:

  • (After the '92 Olympics) "I came, I saw, they kicked my ass."

    Kurt Browning:

  • (After '94 Olympics Short Program) "I guess the Olympics just aren't my thing." and "I need a hug."
  • "Nothing dumb ever starts out stupid."
  • "I'm a white boy from Canada. I probably have gotten jiggy with it, but didn't know it at the time."
  • "None of what we do on the ice matters; it's love and caring and I think Katia (Gordeeva) taught us all that once again. We're just so lucky to skate. I think when we look back, we'll all be laughing because...we're so lucky."

    Dick Button has his own quote page.

    Christopher Dean:

  • "If I see the mistake or feel the mistake, and if it is Jayne's mistake I'll tell her. And if it's mine I'll tell her that she's made a mistake too."
  • (On T&D's relationship) "It makes a mockery of 'When Harry Met Sally'"
  • "I'd love to be totally avant-garde but the audience base wouldn't support it."
  • "With her culinary skills that fall short of boiling an egg and laundry skills that render her as likely to fly Concorde as operate a washing machine, any man would be happy to have Jayne as a wife."
  • "I win the battles, but Jayne wins the wars."
  • (On Tonya Harding) "Let's just say she's not playing with a full deck of cards."

    Scott Hamilton has his own quote page.

    Carlo Fassi:

  • (About the '94 Olympic ladies' result) "A double-double [combination]? Two flawed performances and she still takes gold? Call the cops because Nancy was robbed!"

    Nancy Kerrigan:

  • (About the '94 Olympics result) "I knew when I was eight years old and started doing this..I'm not racing against a's someone else's opinion."

    Victor Kraatz:

  • (On Gwendal Peizerat's hair) "If I ever grow mine like that, shoot me..."
  • "No garlic before ice dancing"

    Ilia Kulik:

  • (About his infamous "Rhapsody in Moo"/"Giraffe on Crack" shirt) "We won't discuss the shirt again. The shirt won." and "You won't find another like it. It was made by a good mother in Russia."
  • "This is not ice dancing. Nobody knows who will be first."

    Michelle Kwan:

  • (About the '98 Olympics) "I didn't lose the gold, I won the silver."
  • "What is perfection, really?"

    Elvis Stojko:

  • "Pain is short lived, but pride lasts a lifetime."
  • "Sometimes you don't get what you want. You get what you need." Kind of a take-off on the Rolling Stones' song, huh???

    Jayne Torvill:

  • (Response to reporters asking if she knew what the judges wanted at '94 Olympics) "I don't know and I don't care."
  • "Skating isn't going to change the world. We take it seriously but we don't expect anyone else to."
  • "My ambition is to cook something that other people would actually like to eat."
  • (About skating audiences) "They always expect to see Bolero at some point..."
  • (About Chris) "When you turn up late he always tells you exactly how many minutes late you are. It drives me crazy!" "As soon as I agree on something he disagrees. That's normal!"

    Paul Wylie:

  • (On placing 3rd in the short program in Albertville) "I dreamed about it, but I always woke up too soon."
  • (On winning silver instead of gold in '92) "How much more of a Cinderella story do you want?" and "My silver WAS my gold."
  • (After a performance, commenting on how the lights had flickered) "Who was turning the lights out? Was Chris Bowman in the building? Chris, you shouldn't do that!"

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    An extra thank-you to Kate Halle (aka Wilma/Jazzfish) for her help with the T&D quotes.

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